MagWay - Magellan Waypoint Editor

The current version is 1.3.0 

Please read the ReadMe.txt file included with the setup program. It contains more detailed information about the program (which does not have a help file).

MagWay is a Windows 32 bit program, you will need Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows ME in order to run it.

There are two copies of the installation, the first includes the Visual Basic 6 runtime and OLE libraries and is around 4MB in size.

    Get it here (Full 3.9MB)

The second, does not include the VB6 runtimes (if you are sure you already have them) and is around 3MB in size.

    Get it here (Min 2.8MB)


MagWay Screen Shot

Typical Screen Shot of MagWay (1.1.0)


Change History

Release 1.3.0

bulletFixed a problem downloading multiple routes from the GPS.  
bulletAdds OSGB sheet ID support.  
bulletAdds UTM support (WGS84 datum only in this version). 
bulletAdds support for OS Northern Ireland grid references. 
bulletAdds support for OS Republic of Ireland grid references. 
bulletChanges OSGB, OSNI, and OSRoI grid reference calculation to use NGR89. 
bulletFixes the datum to WGS84 - datum support to be added to a future release. 

Release 1.2.1

bulletFixed a rounding error in the OSGB routines (my fault).  
bulletFixed an offset error in the OSGB routines (OS documentation!)

Release 1.2.0

bulletFixed spelling of 'Ordnance' Survey in the datums!  
bulletAdded the ability to edit waypoints in OSGB grid reference format.  

Release 1.1.3

bulletAdded height unit preference to the options screen, you can now select between; feet, metres, and "don't care".  

Release 1.1.2

bulletFixed another bug for international users that use the comma as a decimal.  
bulletAdded the ability to set the datum used in your GPS. TAKE CARE, see the
datum notes in the readme.txt file.
bulletAdded datum checking when loading from file.  
bulletAdded icon letter validation when downloading from GPS. Some other programs appear to upload waypoints with invalid icons, MagWay will correct these when downloading. 
bulletAdded the Icon letter back to the Waypoint screen, to allow sorting by Icon.

Release 1.1.1

bulletFixed a file IO bug that crept into version 1.1.0 - Sorry!  
bulletAlso took to opportunity to make file IO more robust.

Release 1.1.0

bulletNow displays the waypoint Icon on the main waypoint screen.  
bulletSeparated various fields for 'my' convenience. 
bulletAdded the trackpoint number to the track screen.  
bulletYou can now sort (ascending and descending) on any field in the waypoint and track screens.  
bulletYou can now display gridlines on the screens. 
bulletAdded the ability to 'append' data to existing files.  

Release 1.0.1

bulletAdded 'Loading waypoints. Please wait..." dialog when editing existing routes. This removes the ability for the user to repeatedly click the edit button when working with large numbers of waypoints.
bulletNow clears the route description from route editor when a route is deleted.
bulletFixed extraneous error messages after you canceled a file load or save.
bulletChanged 'Connect' label to read 'Disconn' when you are connected.
bulletAdded the ability to select and delete multiple waypoints.
bulletNow warns you if you try to save to a file that already exists.

Release 1.0.0

bulletInitial public release. 



Here are some waypoint files to play with:

    London Underground stations - 270 records

    Scottish Munroes (peaks over 3000' high) - 517 records

    UK Motorway Junctions and Service stations (zip file) [1]

[1] This is based on Garmin data originated by Paul Ross, I have updated it for recent motorway name and junction number changes around Manchester.  I've also split it up into individual files, one for each motorway to keep the number of waypoints you need to upload more manageable.

Last modified 23 May 2008