Wilmslow Astro

Astronomy from a Cheshire suburb

Hints, Tips, and Modifications

Here are some of the modifications I've made to my kit to either make it work a bit better (or just plain work!).

Observatory Build

The trials and triumphs (?) of building my own observatory.

C14 Modifications

The page above shows you some modifications I have made to my C14.

Losmandy G11 Modifications

Follow the link above to my page on tweaks I've made to my Losmandy G11/Gemini mount.

Megrez 80 II Collimation

Follow the link above to my page on details of what to do if your Megrez 80 (I had the M 80 II Semi APO) is out of collimation.

Artificial Star

The link above will take you to a page describing how I use an LED torch and a fibre optic cable.

Dew Heater Controller

The link above will show you how I created a PWM dew heater controller. It also shows how I created a dew heater band for my old LX200.

Peltier Cooled Philips Toucam

A page showing how I added Peltier cooling to a Philips Toucam Pro.

LX200 Pier and Adjustment Plates

A page showing how I installed a pier and made a pair of adjustable top plates for my old LX200 on a Milburn wedge.

Thoughts on Auto-guider scopes

How much focal length should I give the auto-guider?

Reviews Section

Hardware and software reviews.